Shape, Inc.


An ironic and satirical speculative multi-media narrative that critiques information design's hegemonic power. Read more

Shape, Inc. is an interventionary program that is meant to disrupt information design’s effortless permeation as de facto representation of what is “true” thanks to a culturally hegemonic privileging of scientific fact, numbers, and data over meaning making through discourse.

This ironic and satirical speculative multi-media narrative is made up of a number of artifacts, including Shape, Inc.’s commercial prototype of a 3D object that floats above a user’s shoulder in an ever-present representation of her values and belief systems, negating the need for the user’s interlocutors to understand her through dialogue.

“Things can become so familiar,” writes James Carey, “that we no longer perceive them at all. Art, however, can take the texture of a fabric, the design of a face, and wrench these ordinary phenomena out of the backdrop of existence and force them into the foreground of consideration.” As Shape, Inc. develops as a project, manifesting itself in different media at each iteration, it seeks to force a sincere questioning of information design’s seductive qualities into that foreground.

Part of my final thesis at Massachusetts College of Art & Design’s Dynamic Media Institute.